Bertolami Auctions

The auction is the most ancient known form of public sale, a perfect and simple mechanism for making an offer which has assisted man in his commercial transactions for thousands of years. Since the latter part of the eighteenth century, it has proved to be the most efficient way to determine the price of works of art and collectors‘ items.
In the last twenty years, this timeless commercial method has proved itself by also taking advantage of technological innovations introduced by internet to conquer increasingly wider markets.
Therefore, auctioning art in the XXI century means not only being well-placed in a centuries old tradition but also adapting and innovating procedures with a view to the future.

In this spirit, Bertolami Fine Arts offers its clients:
Auction sessions managed by an auctioneer at the Rome, Munich and London Auction Houses.
Possibility of attending auction sessions live through personal computer access, enabling offers to be made online in real time.
Electronic auctions at which it is possible to participate by registering with our website.

We organise auctions of coins and medals, archaeological artefacts, ancient art from Middle Ages until the early nineteenth century, modern and contemporary art from the mid-nineteenth century until today, jewellery and precious stones, oriental art.
Our department experts are at hand to value the items you may decide to put up for auction and to provide you with every assistance during the sale or purchase procedure.