Bertolami Auctions

Auctions are the oldest known form of public sale, and are a simple and yet perfect offer mechanism that has enabled humanity’s commercial transactions for millennia. Auctioning has emerged since the 1750s as the most effective means of determining the price of works of art and collector’s items.
Over the past twenty years, this timeless commercial mechanism has demonstrated its adaptability to the technological innovations arising in the Information age, in turn broadening its reach and markets.
Art auctioning in the 21st century therefore means placing oneself along the path of a century-old tradition while striving to always remain operationally innovative.

In this spirit, Bertolami Fine Arts offers its clients:
Auctions run by an auctioneer in our Rome, Munich and London offices.
The possibility of following auctions live via computer and of making real time offers via the internet.
Online auctions that can be joined by registering on our websites.

We hold auctions of:
coins and medals,
old masters’ works of art from the Middle Ages to the early 1800s,
modern and contemporary art from the 1850s to the present day,
jewellery, silver and watches,
design and decorative arts
oriental art.

Our departments’ experts are at your disposal to provide valuations for the items that you may wish to sell in auctions and to assist you during the buying or selling process.