Art diagnostic services

Evaluations and drafting expert reports

Our valuation and report work is enriched by a thorough diagnostic service, undertaken in conjunction with the foremost Italian laboratories and research institutions, and chiefly with the Chemical Engineering Materials Environment Department of the Sapienza University of Rome, which employs some of the most sophisticated investigation techniques and machinery currently available.
This service allows to:
Obtain information on the chronology and territorial origin of the artifact through cutting-edge scientific methodologies for dating and authentication.

Evaluate the true state of deterioration of the artifact, including not only the visible alterations, but also the microstructural ones of the materials.

Lay the groundwork for the implementation of the correct restoration methodology thanks to the attainment of an in-depth awareness of the nature of the artifact and of its state of preservation.

Estimates are free of charge, and allow the client to choose from different modes of operation. An ample choice of these is provided, so as to satisfy any and all inspective requirements.

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Coins, Medals and Antiquities

Ancient Art (paintings, sculptures and drawings produced between the Middle Ages and the early nineteenth century)

Modern and Contemporary Art

Jewellery and precious stones