Asian and Tribal Art Department

Buying and selling Asian and Tribal Art in auctions and private sale – free valuations and expert reports

The department provides free evaluations and an expert report service on:
Chinese porcelain, netsuke, Japanese prints, Ukiyo-e, Chinese jade, Buddhist sculpture, Chinese cloisonné, Japanese lacquer, Indian art, Thai art, Islamic art, Cambodian art, Khmer art, Persian miniature, Japanese katana, Korean ceramics, gilded bronze Tibetan, Nepalese gilded bronze, Gandhara art, thangka, Chinese painting, Japanese painting, Korean painting, tribal art, ocean art, Maori sculptures, Aboriginal painting, Chinese contemporary art, contemporary Indonesian painting, calligraphy, Chinese seals, ancient Chinese ivories, ancient rhino horn objects, Japanese pottery, art of the Qing dynasty, art of the Ming dynasty, Hindu sculpture, Jainist sculpture, tribal masks.


Auction 57 – Asian Art

1st Section - Asian Art from Private Italian Collection (lots 1-315)
Rome, 11 December 2018


African Tribal Art from Bartolomucci collection

Civilization of West Africa and the territories of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Auction: Rome, 14 June 2018
Exhibition: Rome, 7-13 June 2018



Auction 57 – Asian Art

2nd Section – Netsuke. The Vito Taverna’s Collection
Rome, 11 December 2018


A 53 – Asian Art

Auction 53 – Asian art & European pocelain and ceramics
1st Section – Chinese Ceramics and Asian Works of Art (lots 1-59)
London, 9 November 2018


Auction 45 – Asian Art

Asian Art Auction. The collection of a Dutch noblewoman who lived in Indonesia and other properties

Auction: Rome, 8 May 2018



Led by Francesco Morena, the department is concerned with Asian and tribal art along a long section of history from the Neolithic to the contemporary period.
Painting, sculpture and decorative arts produced in China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, India, Central Asia, the Middle East (Islamic cultures), Africa, Oceania, pre-Columbian America., fall within his spheres of competence.

The department team analyses, classifies, provides valuations and places on the Italian and foreign markets Asian and Tribal Art on consignment, both for auctioning and for private sale. Private sales are especially suited for items of considerable economic, historical and artistic value.

At the same time, the department provides a specialised expert report service

The department also offers a wide selection of Asian and Tribal Art across all price brackets that can be bought independently of our auctions.

As a Languages and Civilizations of the Far East scholar, Francesco Morena has been involved in the cataloging of important public and private collections of Asian art, he has curated exhibition catalogs, conventions, conferences and numerous publications. Connoisseur of the dynamics of the market of field, he has collaborated with the departments of Oriental Art of numerous auction houses.

Among his publications:

– Hokusai, Dossier di Art e Dossier, n. 326, Giunti, Firenze 2015.

– Le maschere dell’anima. 30 maschere del teatro giapponese, con R. Marangoni, Renzo Freschi, Milano 2015.

– Il Principe e l’arte giapponese. Una selezione di opere dalla collezione del Museo di Antropologia di Padova, Treviso 2015.

– Erotismo giapponese, i piaceri segreti, Firenze 2009.

– Cineseria. Evoluzioni del gusto per l’esotico in Italia dal XIV al XIX secolo, CentroDi, Firenze 2009 (ed. it. e ed. inglese).

– Hiroshige, Dossier di Art e Dossier, n. 254, Giunti, Firenze 2009.

– Arte Cinese, Dossier di Art e Dossier, n. 242, Giunti, Firenze 2008.

– Ukiyo-e. Utamaro, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Firenze 2007; ed. francese Ukiyo-e ou l’estampe japonaise. S?tatsu, And?, Utamaro, Hokusai et Hiroshige, Parigi 2008.

– La collezione Scalabrino. Porcellane orientali e maioliche europee, Sillabe, Livorno 2006.

– Utamaro, Dossier di Art & Dossier, n. 224, Giunti, Firenze 2006.

– Hokusai, Vite d’Artista, Giunti 2006.

– Dalle Indie Orientali alla Corte di Toscana. Collezioni di arte cinese e giapponese a Palazzo Pitti, Giunti Editore, Firenze 2005.


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