Jewellery, Silver and Watch Department

The department deals with the world of collectors’ jewellery, silver and watches, offering, in addition to classic antique, period and designer pieces, top design contemporary creations, as well as prestigious watches both antique and of historical interest.



Auction 30 - Ivory

Auction of Antique Ivory and Coral Carvings

Auction: London, La Galleria Pall Mall, 23rd March 2017




E47 - Jewellery, Silver and Watches

A selection of vintage and contemporary jewelery

Auction: 3 October, starting at 12:00pm CET



The department deals with the entire world of jewellery and silver, paying attention to the artistic and historical aspects as well those of a scientific nature. The research conducted by Andrea Falcioni is aimed at creating a well-balanced selection in which, alongside classic collection items, both antique and modern, there is also space for innovative contemporary design creations.

In particular the following are sought and offered:
• Antique and period jewellery;
• Jewellery items created by famous leading goldsmiths and jewellers since the 1920s;
• Design jewellery;
• Design jewellery;
• Prestigious watches, antique and of historical interest;
• Antique, period, and top design silver pieces.

The department always has a wide selection of jewellery, silver, and watches in every price range. Such items may be purchased other than by auction.

Graduate gemologist H.R.D. (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) and Office Technician Consultant at the Rome Civil and Criminal Court, Andrea Falcioni has extensive experience in the gem market. Since 2013, he is the Head of the International Institute of Gemmology in Antwerp, supervising and managing diamond and gem certifications. His Rome-based office/laboratory DiamonDiamonD offers a wide range of services to those entering the world of jewels, investment gems, and valuable watches—appraisals, diagnostics, consultations, courses in Quality Control Inspection as well as in Gemology, direct sale, and the creation of commissioned jewels. With his staff, Andrea Falcioni has implemented DIAMtag, an infallible automated diamond detection patented system.


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