Selling or buying through Bertolami Fine Arts does not necessarily mean by auction. Like any modern auction house, Bertolami Fine Arts is able to offer its clientele a highly personalised service by working out the best sales strategy to fulfill each client’s wishes and create the maximum interest.


Do you possess ancient, modern or contemporary works of art, coins, medals, archaeological objects or jewels and are you considering whether to sell them or not? Contact us for a free valuation and advice as to the best way to place your objects on the market.
On the basis of the characteristics and value of the object, as well as your expectations and requirements as to the transaction procedure, we will decide together with you whether to:
Sell item by auction and if so by what type of auction (floor auction or electronic auction).
Sell item using the Private Sales service and thereby guaranteeing the client the maximum confidentiality.
Exhibit the item at one of our Selling Exhibitions, exhibitions mounted for the purpose of selling exhibits through non-auction sales in which Bertolami Fine Arts acts as an art gallery.
Include the item in our on line shop.
• In some cases we might also be interested in setting aside our role as intermediary and purchasing the items on sale, especially in the case of coin and medal collections. Alternatively, we could agree upon the payment of a deposit with the client to be paid upon the signing of the sales mandate.


Do you buy art, coins, archaeological items or jewellery and precious stones?
• Keep an eye on our website where you will find: online version of auction calendar catalogues, electronic auctions in constant succession, and shop online.
• Request to be included in our mailing list so as to be updated on forthcoming auctions and Selling Exhibitions and to receive our catalogues in paper version.
Are you looking for any particular items?
Let us know your requirements and we will let you know if the object of your desires be included in one of our sales and, if you are interested in making greater use of our services, we shall take steps to identify it on the market and negotiate its purchase on your behalf.

Starting and developing a collection
Do you wish to start a collection or increase the interest and value of an existing one? Our experts are at your disposition to support your passion. This service is particularly suited for businesses or institutions that have decided to invest in art.
Request for inclusion in our mailing list
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Scarlett Matassi


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