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Giulio Turcato


(Mantova 1912 - Rome 1995)

New York memory, mid-60s

Oil, collage and mixed media on canvas 170 x 140 cm

Signed on the back: TURCATO
Photo-certificate of authenticity from Archive Giulio Turcato



(Desenzano del Garda 1897 - Venice 1946)

Still life with peppers, 1923

Oil on canvas 42.5 x 49.5 cm

Signed and dated lower left: Cagnaccio 1923
Dedicated label on the back



(Bologna 1943)

Untitled (Capricci series), 1982

Mixed media on canvas, 160 x 165 cm

Photo-certificate of authenticity from Fondazione Calzolari

Bengt Lindstrom - Scream (homage to Munch), 1974


(Storsjökappel, 1925 - Njurunda, 2008)

Scream (homage to Munch), 1974

Oil on canvas, 162 x 130 cm

Signed lower right: Lindstrom

Labels on the back of Ariel Gallery, Paris and Rinaldo Rotta Gallery

Photo-certificate of authenticity by Galleria d’Arte Rinaldo Rotta, Genoa



(Soncino 1933 – Milano 1963)

Achrome, 1960 ca.

Squares of hydrophilic cotton, cm. 30 x 40

G. Celant (edited by), "Piero Manzoni: catalogo generale, vol. II", Skira, Milano 2004, pag.571, fig. 34.
We note that at the time of the publication the work was framed by another medium; in 2010 the owner arranged to frame the work with the blue passepartout seen in the current picture with the help and assistance of the Manzoni Archive in Milan.

Registered at Manzoni Archive, Milan, archive number 1117A/92.

PIETRO MELANDRI - Flower box, 20’s/25’s


(Faenza 1885 – 1976)

Flower box, 20’s/25’s

Glazed Ceramic, 73 x 65 cm ca.

Exhibited: Permanente di Milano, 2010

This work is a unique example of great decoration. Until 80’s in an important Roman café and then in a private collection.

Sironi - Grande studio per il mosaico ‘L’Italia Corporativa’


(Sassari 1885 – Milano 1961)

Great study for Mosaic ‘L’Italia Corporativa’, 1936

Paper laid down on canvas, 209x277 cm


The painting is the most complete preparatory sketch for the mosaic “Italia Corporativa”, made by Salviati’s firm of Venice for Milan “Popolo d’Italia” Palace (then renamed “dell’informazione”).
The art work was exhibited down the staircase of honour of the VI 1936 Milan Triennale and at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1937.

Mario Sironi. Il Mito dell’architettura, Padiglione d’arte Contemporanea, Milan 1990, n. 31, p. 53; Opere scelte 1990, Galleria Arco Farnese, Rome 1990; Mario Sironi 1885-1961, cat. curated by F. Benzi, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, 1993-94, p. 261; Art and power. Europe under the dictators 1930-1945, London, Hayward Gallery; Barcellona, Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum 1995-96, p. 154; Années 30 en Europe. Le temp menaçant 1929-1939, Musée de l’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, n.8, p. 515; Muri ai pittori. La pittura murale e decorazione in Italia 1930-1950, Museo della Permanente, Milan 1999-2000, n. 118 (reused also on the cover); Sironi. I cartoni preparatori per il mosaico ‘L’Italia corporativa’, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome 2000, n. 1, p. 28.

M. Penelope, Le scenografie di Sironi, in ‘Next’, VII, n. 23, 1992; E. Braun, Racemi d’oro: il mosaico di Sironi nel Palazzo dell’Informazione, Bergamo 1992, n. 26; The battle for art in the 1930s, in ‘History Today’, November 1995, vol. 45, p. 15; A. Lyttelton, London and Barcelona Art and Power, in ‘Exhibition Reviews’, March 1996, fig. 54, p. 207; C. Duparc, L’art totalitaire, in ‘L’Express’, 25/1/1996; J. Hite, C. Hilton, Fascist Italy, Londra 1998, p. 139; M. Margozzi, Sironi. I cartoni preparatori per il mosaico ‘L’Italia corporativa’, catalogue curated by M. Margozzi, Rome 2000; Mario Sironi. Tempere e disegni, Arco Farnese Archive, Rome 2000, n. 35.

GINO SEVERINI - Composition with musical instruments,1952


(Cortona 1883 - Parigi 1966)

Composition with musical instruments,1952

Polychrome mosaic, 90 x 35.4 cm

Initials lower right.
Mosaic planned and created by Gino Severini
Photo-certificate by the Artist written in his studio in Paris on 27th April 1965;
Photo-certificate by Archive Severini issued by Romana Severini Brunori


The mosaic was created by Severini himself on the basis of his pastel of 1950 (Large still life, pastel on canvas paper, cm. 65 x 97, Fonti Catalog 1988, n. 859).
The work, of which the author also made a smaller size one, was intended for a wall of the ocean liner Leonardo Da Vinci which was launched in 1958 by the Navigation Company of Genova to replace Andrea Doria ocean liner.

The most popular architects of that period were in charge for the planning of the mountings and Giulio Carlo Argan supervised the decorations of the posh living rooms with very popular artists' works of art. The work of art turned out to be too heavy for the initial destination, so it was replaced by a painting. So far, it is still unpublished.
The same composition, with a very close colour code, was used in 1985 for the great mosaic panel in the Agora Room of the city of Gibellina Town Hall in Sicily (size. 300 x 400 cm).

Getulio Alviani - Superficie a Testura Vibratile. Rotazione


(Udine 1939)

Superficie a Testura Vibratile. Rotazione 1972

Aluminum on panel, 2.7 x 88.5 x 88.5 cm

Signed, dated and titled on the back


Vienna, Galerie Nachst St. Stephan, Alviani Castellani Colombo, 1972
Kreuzlingen, Galerie Letzer, Getulio Alviani, 1974
Caracas, Galeria Conkright, Getulio Alviani, 1974
Milan, Galleria del Naviglio, Getulio Alviani, 1983
Zagabria, Muzej Suvremene Umjetnosti, Getulio Alviani, 1997
Düsseldorf, Galerie Schoeller, Getulio Alviani, 2000
Gelsenkirchen, Stadtisches Museum, Getulio Alviani, 2001

Photo-certificate of authenticity by the Artist, 2013

mascherini - Flora


(Udine 1906 – Padova 1983)

Flora, 1948

Bronze sculpture, h. 91 cm

Signed on the bottom back side: M. MASCHERINI

Ferrara, Private Collection
Rome, Private Collection

Mascherini e la scultura europea del Novecento, Trieste, Civico Museum Revoltella, July 28th - October 14th 2007

Mascherini e la scultura europea del Novecento, exhibition catalogue (Trieste, July 28th – 14th October 2007), curated by F. Fergonzi and A. Del Puppo, Electa Publisher, p. 172, no. 18


Mascherini e la scultura europea del Novecento, Trieste, Civico Museum Revoltella, July 28th - October 14th 2007

Mascherini e la scultura europea del Novecento, exhibition catalogue (Trieste, July 28th – 14th October 2007), curated by F. Fergonzi and A. Del Puppo, Electa Publisher, p. 172, no. 18

ARON DEMETZ - Woman with perrot, 2000


(Vipiteno 1972)

Woman with perrot, 2000

Painted bronze sculpture, 106 x 40 x 21 cm

Signed and dated on the back: ARON DEMETZ 2000


Cortona, 1883 - Paris, 1966

Maternity, 1919

(Study for the painting)
Pencil on paper, 55,5 x 65,5 cm circa

Gino Severini. La regola, la maschera, il sacroî, Galleria Maggiore, Bologna, 1993, n° 39;
Disegno italiano 1900-1950î, Galleria Arco Farnese, Rome, 1994, n° 63;
Disegni del Novecentoî, Galleria civica díArte contemporanea, Termoli, 1995, n° 10;
Il volto e líanimaî, Galleria Arco Farnese, Rome, 1996;
Disegno italiano 1900-1950î, Galleria Arco Farnese, Rome, 1999, n° 79

Stefanelli Torossi Collection

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