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(Belluno, 1676 – Ivi, 1729)

Foro Romano

Oil on canvas, cm 100 x 140
Provenance: Private Collection


This painting, probably realized when the artist was in Rome, is an architectural capriccio depicting the Roman Forum – we can recognize the massive Temple of Antonino Pio and Faustina on the left, the Temple of Vesta in the center and part of Nero’s portico – portrayed with great dramatic emphasis, preferring dark shades and marked chiaroscuro.
The vibrant brushwork, combined with the realistic touch typical of his style, give the picture an almost romantic reading that the painter had learned from Rosa’s canvases. The tree on the left which bends under the force of its own weight is a quote that returns in other works by the artist.


(Cotignola, 1471 circa – Rome, 1540 circa)

Holy Virgin with Jesus and saints

oil on canvas, cm 198x145

Barone G. Franchetti Collection, Jesi;
Private Collection, Jesi


The painting is a second autograph version of the altarpiece painted by Girolamo da Cotignola for the Orsi Chapel in the S. Mercuriale church in Forlì, datable at the beginning of the third decade of the 16th century and conserved in the Pinacoteca Civica of the city from 1893.

Our version is reproduced in the Federico Zeri Foundation photo library (file n. 31166), where it is attributed to a 16th century anonymous painter from Parma.

The choice of the canvas instead of the poplar board is not unusual for a second version, considering the higher affordability, handling and conservative capacity in comparison to the linen support.

The painting has a certain importance also in reference to the prototype in Forlì, which today is in a bad state of conservation, attesting the aspect before the conservative operation in 1972 by Ottorino Nonfarmale, who returned it back to the public fruition in a lacunous appearance.
Our canvas is, on the other hand, in a quite good state of conservation.

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